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Finish the preparations for the Anodyne.


This means collect all the cards

A card detector becomes available through the game, where you can check the map to find where the cards are


Visit an Unzone.


When you unlock the metastore which is in the pause menu you can buy objects that act like fast travel points, use one to unlock this trophy


Very Rich
Find 300 Metacoins!


The coins appear half wayish through the game

they look like this




Learn from a Metainfo point.

There are info points you can talk/interact with in the game







also i used two videos to complete the game, shout out to both 

one was a speedrun  (note not all trophies are collected in the speedrun video but is useful to get to the end of the game quick) Basically you have to mop afterwards e.g. collect all cards which i used the second video below for.


the other was a full walkthrough which i used to collect cards


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