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Hitman 3 save transfer question


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I am playing Hitman 2 Gold Edition and I am trying to do all the challenges, if on hitman 3 I do the transfer of the saves, does it also cancel the progress made with hitman 3? Then if I do the transfer every trophy I do in Hitman 2 is transferred to me in the dlc of hitman 3?
Thanks to those who will answer me

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Hello !

As far as I've understood, it's better to complete all challanges on Hitman 2 and then transfer to Hitman 3. That way, all your Hitman 2 trophies and in game progression will come into Hitman 3. However, it will erase your Hitman 3 progress if you have one.

You have to do this transfer on a specific IO iwebsite, with your IO codes.


Hope it helps



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43 minutes ago, lucask001 said:


Per quanto ho capito, è meglio completare tutte le sfide su Hitman 2 e poi trasferirti su Hitman 3. In questo modo, tutti i tuoi trofei Hitman 2 e nella progressione di gioco entrano in Hitman 3. Tuttavia, cancellerà i tuoi progressi di Hitman 3 se ne hai uno.

Devi fare questo trasferimento su uno specifico iwebsite IO, con i tuoi codici IO.


Spero che aiuti



Thank you
Basically I had already done everything in Hitman 3, and I believe that by transposing, then it synchronized every time I did something in Hitman 2, however in the end I lost all the progress of hitman 3 (thank goodness I just miss a trophy to platinum him, which is not part of the story) and now the same Hitman 1 and 2 I have to play them 2 times

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