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Most Unfun/Unfair Post Game I've ever seen


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This game has a very mixed reception from what I've seen but I had actually really enjoyed myself and I absolutely love everything about this game but those were my feelings before i got into the Post Game.


My god the Homerun Sempai and the Evil Chef are brutal. They will 100% one shot your party which makes for a really unfun time as you are constantly relying on your Stun Ability to land (Which it hardly does) and that basically means dozens upon dozens of resets because you didn't get the luck you needed. Having to rely on the bosses to be stunned 24/7 doesn't make for engaging gameplay it's just frustrating imo.


Levelling up your party helps the tiniest bit (your attack goes up by 1 each time lol) and combine that with the pretty slow paced grinding and you'll want to throw in the towel even quicker. By the time you enter the Post Game you should be around Level 25 to 28 and the max level is 60 so getting there is easy but pretty time consuming. I have no issue with grinding because it always feels like I'm making some progress but I don't feel that at all here. I see my HP go up but it may as well stay at 1 because HP doesn't matter in the most important fights. 


Luck isn't just present in fights but also with the weapon and gear you can earn/buy which could really determine how much of a good time you will or won't have. Some weapons are key for beating certain bosses but it could take a long time until you'll actually have the chance to get what your looking for.


This game is extremely niche and unknown which has made any guides or videos for this game almost non existent. There is no footage of someone beating the 2 hardest bosses (Homerun Sempai and Evil Chef) and I will definitely upload my fights with them whenever i eventually get lucky enough to defeat them.


So in conclusion Orangeblood is a pretty fun time going through the story but the Post Game is a slap in the face. It's such a massive difficulty spike for no reason. So yeah try this game if you want but I can't guarantee that you'll have a fun time going for the Platinum Trophy.

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