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A new start trophy

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Hey everyone


I have just finished every trophy in the game but the ‘A new start’ trophy did not pop. Every other trophy has popped. I find it so annoying that I can’t get the platinum after the hours, weeks, months and yes years I have been playing this damn game!


Any help and advice much appreciated.



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You only have 2 options when a trophy glitches in this game :(:


1: Load an older pre-glitch save and try again.

2: Cut your losses and delete your save, then start over from scratch :(.


Unless you have a save handy from before you completed any bounties, option 2 is your only real choice in this situation since already have the other bounty related trophies.

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Hey, sorry to hear this happened. Luckily this is one of the easier trophies of the lot. It would likely be best for you to upload your save to the cloud, turn off automatic uploads, jump into a fresh save file and grind the 5 bounties as quickly as you can. Once it pops, and you get your platinum, download your prior save and restart auto uploads. 


Don't think it'll pop at this point given the 500 bounty trophy you earned afterward. Good luck!

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