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Free on PSN starting March 1st


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Thanks for sharing! Wasn’t a Plus member when this was offered so I’ll be snapping this up so I can replay at some point.


The Funimation offer sounds interesting too. Lots of stuff on that platform I’ve been looking to watch at some point 

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2 hours ago, kubj31196 said:

Question: So if I have this game as a PS+ free game, and now it's free-for-all, what can I do to change the game from free-with-PS+ to free-purchase in my account, so that I can still access it should I not subscribe to Plus in the future?

If you redeem it, you will be able to access it even without PS Plus subscription. I tried this with Uncharted collection when it came out and it worked. 

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2 hours ago, StewartBros said:


Bit of a jackass response.  Not everybody has Plus.  Not everybody had a PS4 when this was offered a couple of years ago.


Well actually you didn't have to own any console to grab the PS+ games, all you need was the subscription itself. I have subscribed to PS+ non-stop since late 2012 and never got a PS4 until late 2018. Things became a lot better when they introduced the PlayStation Store website, before that you were indeed forced to own a PS3 to get the PS+ games for that system.

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I'm a proud owner of every single Ratchet and Clank game and every single platinum you could possibly have and this is one franchise that I've absolutely loved (even though those Ace Bonyon races on the Vita made me rage something awful)! I've been hoping all these years that they'd remaster all of them for the PS4 but sadly, I realize, its not ever going to happen. To the person reading this that's never played a Ratchet and Clank game do yourself a favor and absolutely grab this game when it becomes free! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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6 minutes ago, da-Noob123 said:

The real question is, will we get the Bouncer pre-order bonus weapon ?

I doubt it, I don't think insomniac ever reintroduced pre-order bonusses for any RAC game later down the line. People can correct me if im wrong. The Bouncer is really just a novelty though. You really don't need it and it doesn't help with a specific trophy more then what the rest of the arsenal does.

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