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I think I've messed up!


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I feel sick! I just went to copy my save after having unblurred all of the faces but before leaving the boat for 'the captain did it' and I've copied the wrong save! I had earlier completed a complete playthrough and got all of the identities and was doing a second playthrough for 'the captain did it' and it was that save that I accidentally copied. I don't suppose there's any way I can avoid having to replay the whole game for a third time is there? 

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No. I got excited for a minute when I saw there was data from 00.47 but sadly it's the file that I copied, not the 'original'. Thanks for the tip though. I think I'll suck my thumb and cry a bit and then get back on it tomorrow! :) 

What a plonker! I was literally two minutes away from getting the platinum and I had to go and overwrite the wrong save file! Me and technology! I shouldn't try to do anything fancy like copying save files! I'm like a 90 year old when it comes to even the most basic stuff to do with anything technological!!  

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