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Unlocking Strikers


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Hey guys! I was wondering how to unlock the aether strikers? When I go to the woman to build them, it doesn't let me. I looked it up on YouTube and saw that there's a quest you had to do in previous versions but didn't see a video for this version on how to unlock them or a way of acquiring that quest. I completed the game before the strikers even came out, redownloaded it a a week or so ago and there's almost no quests even available for me. If someone could help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hmm, you might have some kind of a main or side quest in your journal (doesn't have to be related to strikers at all) that you have to first complete before getting the actual quest to unlock strikers.

It's been a long time since they introduced them so I can't really say for sure - but I know how much this game likes throwing chains of quests at you.

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