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is there some speedrun tactic for this game that I'm not aware of?


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Looking through the top 2 people for fastest 100% on this game, I see one had finished NG+ almost 8 minutes after doing the Turf Wars DLC KTpVdBX.png


While the other finished NG+ 6 minutes after finishing their first playthrough. 457Iusp.png


I just want to know if I'm missing something here. I've platted the game twice (PS4 & PS5), and really don't see how you could do NG+ so quickly. For the first one, you could possibly cite that they maybe mixed in NG+ while doing the DLCs, but the second one is blatantly right after the first playthrough ends. Anybody know how this could have been done without having used other people's saves? Maybe there's a new glitch or exploit to skip right to the Doc Ock battle, and I don't think PS5 can transfer to PS4. I'd rather not report if this can actually be done legitimately. 


My second thought was maybe the trophies messed up on unlocking...as that had been the reason given to me by the 7 minute platinum earner of Jedi Fallen Order.

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From the first week on PS4...I've literally been moved from place #31 as far as time stamped legitimate finishers..to off of the top 50 within the last 2 weeks...after the game has been out for a long time. I'm not sure what's going on...but I'm sure to not place your trust squarely on what is reported digitally. The site and it's mods are really good with detecting cheaters...but there are certain things I'm sure they can't "officially" contest even though it's obvious that it's not true. Also, there is going to be an influx of new users and also "new" users that report...but not on the scale that I've seen. Long story short....don't trust these boards at all but definitely trust the mods in doing the best they can to detect cheating.

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8 minutes ago, BlackSabre500 said:

Auto pop trophies do take a bit to pop.

yes, but only seconds apart, i have never seen minutes as is the case here, an autopop trophy 10 minutes away lol wtf

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2 hours ago, iGGTheEnd said:

Autopop with PS5.


2 hours ago, MMDE said:

It's called PS5...

So... two problems with that logic:


1. I don't think PS5 saves can be transferred back to the PS4 version of the game (which these times are for).

2. Neither players have the PS5 version on their account. So, even if they were able to transfer the PS5 save to PS4, they would have to resign it from another account to the one they have the PS4 game played on.

3. I believe you're thinking this is the PS5 version's forum. when this is really the PS4 forum. PS5 version is here: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/11150-marvels-spider-man-remastered/

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