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How Playable Is This Game On 1.00?


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I downgraded the game & got the trophy list done this morning. Everything went well except for a bug in the last mission where right at the end the game wouldn't advance & it said I had -2 targets remaining. The second time I played the mission it failed due to the large ally ship running into the space station so the third time I ignored all minor enemies as well as the enemy carrier ship & just took the space station down, followed by the large alien ship. This time I got the updated objective to clean up the small alien ships so I'd say to avoid that bug make sure to leave some of those around until the end.


It's a pretty unique situation to have a whole trophy set patched out but thankfully the downgrading worked out really well. Crazy that no one had bothered for two years. I'm sure a bunch of people probably grabbed this when it was 5 bucks. The game isn't too great, I found it a little on the boring side since the ships weaponry takes so long to charge up a lot of time is spent waiting for that to happen. The strat for trivialising any challenging parts in the later sets of levels is to run away which, just like the recharging is a bit anti-fun. I reckon Space Rift Episode I was a bit better than this.

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