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Tips for the "On fire" and "Conquer the mountain" trophy


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I'm using BoxVR as a workout routine and the requirements for the "On fire" trophy seemed like a lot to me. With my settings in the game, I get between 250 and 300 calories for 1 hour of play, which would translate to 3 to 4 hours of sports in a period of 24 hours if I want to burn 1000 calories. I didn't think I would ever attempt the trophy but this morning, the limits of PSVR helped me a lot.

When I started, everything was normal but then, the sun decided to show up in a big way. There was so much light in the room I was playing that the camera had a hard time following my punches. The game was registering about half of them and I would sometimes see my fists leaving my body before getting back to it very quickly. What it did is that it was increasing the calories counter by a lot as my punches were surely covering a lot of distance. After a 26 minutes classes, I reached more than 700 calories and with an additional 7 minutes one, I got 1000 calories and the trophy.


All that to say, if you want to quickly increase your calories counter, there is a possibility of fooling the tracking system a little bit by using lots of light so that it loses track of your hands.


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