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Builds for hardcore mode?


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I went Engineer and spec'd for minion damage while spamming Spider Mines. Other support minions benefit from the damage bonus too, so I mobbed around with a squad that did the heavy lifting. There's also a shield ability that makes you super tanky if you get into trouble.

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I just finished my 2nd HC run at level 86, only using about 5 potions...yeah Engineer is the way to go. My only death was stupidly walking into rising lava in one of those portal maps...lol.


Equip a shield then put 2 points in Vitality every level(spread the rest around) and max these skills.

Healing Bot 



Aegis of Fate

Spider Mines


Put points in whatever you want beyond those...but I chose Sledgebot, Gun Bot, Fire & Spark, and Coup De Grace.


Oh, and give your pet all summoning spells.

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