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Is there anyway for PSV to play games on other server with my own account?


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I'm trying to complete all trophies of The Legend of Heroes series.

But there's a question. Zero and Ao no Kiseki have 3 versions on PSV, JP, HK and KR.

I'm using Taiwan account and can buy JP and HK version on PS Store, but KR seems can only buy on Korea server and there's no entity cartridge selling.

So, is there anyway to buy with Korea account and play with Taiwan account? Is it illegal and will be banned by PSNProfiles?

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27 minutes ago, NERVergoproxy said:

I make a Korea account you need your Person Identification number.

So unless you live in korea, and or korean citizen, chances are It may be hard, or near impossible.

Shit, seems you're right. It's so hard to create Korea account.

Damn, why they create a unique trophy set on this troublesome server.?

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