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Glitched trophies


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True Master: I got all the feats on level 6, I did that twice, but the trophy doesn't pop.


Risky Business: I counted more than 500 red power ups collected (I probably got like 1,000 now) when I specifically went for them, but no trophy yet.


Has anyone experienced issues with this game?

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True Master: the Master feat is not awarded for getting all feats, but just most of them so I must have been missing one. I tried on Level 4 in Score attack and I got the trophy this time. I suggest trying the Conquer and Divide first followed by the Long Line, while always giving priority to power ups.


Risky Business: definitely glitched. I deleted the game and save and started over. I went for a 1CC run until level 27, where I took my time and managed to collect more than 500 red power ups from 1 match, this got me the trophy at the results screen.

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Belated reply but I never encountered any glitches and don’t know of anyone else who has. But of course it’s always possible.


For True Master the requirements are (see PST guide):


Here's a list of all the feats available in the game. As the trophy says, you must get them all in a single level in order for the trophy to unlock.


Divide and conquer: Clear 50% or more of a single side of the cube in one single line.

Killer: Kill 5 enemies (mini cubixx and line chasers are the only ones you can kill)

Big face: Clear 80% or more of a single side of the cube (DOES NOT have to be done in a single line)

Mega line: Make a single huge line (over 1,000 long)

Hoarding: You get it after grabing a 5th power up (good or bad) on a single level.

Speed machine: Quickly finish a level.

Invincible: Finish a level without loosing a single life. 

Combos: Get 5 Combo 3 (start a line and then change to 2 different sides of the cube and complete the line for the combo to register. Repeat 4 more times)

Master: You get it for doing all the other feats. Trophy unlocks right after this feat registers.


As long as you choose a level with killable enemies and power-ups, it should work.


For risky business I got mine playing the challenges and to my knowledge it should pop in any mode, and you shouldn’t have to do them in one match or sitting. The 1CC run is a good place to farm though as you say, and you almost have to in order to beat it.

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