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Is your DualSense drifting?


Is your DualSense drifting?  

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  1. 1. Is your DualSense drifting?

    • Yes, it is constantly drifting and makes games unplayable
    • Yes, it happens sometimes
    • Yes, but just a little bit / rarely
    • No

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Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything.


With the widespread media reports on drifting DualSenses.. and the lawsuit.. I am curious how many people here are ACTUALLY experiencing drift. Is this actually a major problem, or is it another case of hand-wringing over a few social media complaints?


I didn't notice any drift until about 1 month of use. I was playing one of the Spyro games and noticed Spyro shuffling to the left a little bit. I thought it was some glitch with where he was standing or the camera position. I wiggled the sticks a bit, it stopped, and I went on happily playing. Hours later, it happened again in the same game. Some days/weeks later, I noticed it happening in Bug Fables and maybe in a couple of other games.


So my experience has been that my controller IS drifting, but it's quite rare, and when it does happen, it's just a tiny bit of movement that immediately stops once I wiggle the sticks around.


Also, I just want to note that I never noticed any drift happening to any of my DualShock controllers (PS1 to PS4), and my PSP and first PS Vita were totally fine. However, I imported a Japanese Vita (the model with LCD screen) that has pretty bad drifting issues.

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What I learned from ifixit's take on the DualSense stickdrift:



Is that ALL the controllers out there all use the same hardware from the same vendor. Nintendo, Microsoft and includes previous generations. And the conditions leading to drift are highly dependent on gameplay both hours and aggressiveness of the user. For the most aggressive of players, it's likely to start in as little as 400 hours played. 


I've never experienced stick drift in any of my years of gaming, and still haven't experienced anything on the DualSense, but I can see how it happens and I think all gamers are about due for a new vendor to come up with an improved design.


I also see this class action either being expanded to include Nintendo and MS and eventually getting settled because the premise that Sony released the DualSense with the intention of them all failing and selling people new controllers isn't going to fly with a jury. The lawyers will make bank and Sony will reiterate that the 1 year warranty covers stick drift.


I am curious to see what kind of data points for warranty claims on stick drift Sony presents in court. 

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Ok, well, with our tiny sample size of 22 responses so far, the results look about normal for a new controller?

I had a feeling the outrage was the result of clickbait journalism.

Of course, DualSenses have only been out for about 3-4 months, so we'll see how they hold up over time.


Totally agree with DaivRules, tho, I would hope somebody invests in improving the stick design.

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hard reset redux is drifting a bit, from both analogues, i use my other dualsense and it does it too. i think it's just because the size of the analogue on the dual sense is much bigger with more range then a dual shock 4, and the dead zone is way different, dual sense is a 60 fps controller so it gives you more precision, dual shock 4 is all about speed more then precision, both analogues are different with different deadzones, in many cases it's just bc games that aren't tuned for the dual sense.


i never have drift on ps5 games on either controller and so far it's just this one bc game.

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On 25/02/2021 at 5:50 PM, UlvenFenrir said:

Drifting on dualshock 4 controllers only. Had to go through quite a few of them. That or the buttons got stuck for no reason. Dualsense for now works fine for me.

Same here, never had stick drift on licensed controllers till DS4. Ended up having so many I could just repair them with pieces from other controllers. Wary about getting a PS5 because of drift issues.

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Yeah, the controller that came with my ps5 only lasted like three weeks until the drifting in the right stick became unplayable, never experienced anything like that with any other controller.

Thankfully, I contacted support and they sent me a brand new one which is fine so far after a few months.

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