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Problem with rotating analog QTE on Ps Now

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Yep - rotating anticlockwise on the basilisk not happening. Are you playing on dual sense controller as I played this using psnow and a ds4 no issues but now using dual sense /Ps5 again using psnow having this issue

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Yes, it's fucking bullshit.  So annoying to because when you fail the checkpoint is down the goddamn tunnel.  So you have to go through the tunnel, open the goddamn door, then go forward out until the Basilisk can get behind you, then do the first part of the battle, and they will skip the button inputs you had to do the very first time you fought the Basilisk.  Yet it goes right back to the 360 degree counter clockwise spin with L3.  I've failed it more times than I've passed it, its just bullshit.  I'm pretty sure its speed dependent meaning that its not just that you are doing it in the correct direction yet also not too fast or too slow or the game will consider that a fail.


Got past that after several failed attempts.  Now stuck on the Sabretooth Tiger, same thing I can cream the monster, just cannot get the damn directional controls to work for QTE.  It's going to be a long frustrating journey of stupid on this one.

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Hi, I have got the same problem...I couldn't do "Slit 50 Satyr throats" - beacause of this stupid "rotating glitch analog QTE" - I play this game on PS3...with PS3 Controler and PS4 Controler via USB connection...but still I couldn't do properly this QTE


Update: I have got Platinium, but I was so tired after Trophy ""Slit 50 Satyr throats"" and Challenge Modes :D


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