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Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe Trophy Thoughts

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Plat the finishist 


You die, die, die, die, DIE! Gold trophy 

Die 100 times


Yeah, That Just Happened! Bronze trophy 
Ride the Fire Shark

Poopy Pickle silver trophy 
Find all Pickles


Nerd To The Future silver trophy 
Find all the Future Nerds


That's What Friends Are For silver trophy 
Unlock all playable characters


On The Naughty List for Life bronze trophy 
Kill Santa


Fred's Dead  gold trophy 
Beat Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures


It's So Bad silver trophy
Find the Glove of Power


Can I Fly Out Of This Game?  Silver trophy 
Find the Cape


Over 9000 is a Very Old Meme silver trophy 
Find the Swear'n'Scout

Max Advantage silver trophy
Find the Turbo Pad


Playing With UBER Power silver trophy
Find the Uber Scope


Super Nerd!  Gold trophy 
Find all the upgrades


NERD bronze trophy
Collect all cartridges in a level


Completionist NERD gold trophy 
Collect all cartridges in all chapters!


Fred's Dead. Again! Gold trophy
Beat Angry Video Game Nerd II


Perfect Nerd. Silver trophy 
Perfect a stage (No deaths!)


YIKES! Gold trophy 
Beat the Tower of Torment


Totally Perfect Nerd  gold trophy

Achieve a perfect on all stages in all games


No! YOU Listen!!  Bronze trophy

Kill Naggi

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It may seem like a very tough list at first glance, but I recall James commenting on a video in his channel where he promotes the game that this compilation allows lower difficulties; and the base games already had a mode where you had infinite lives and quite fair chekpoints for the most part, so assuming all trophies can be done on the lowest setting, I'd say this trophy list is more doable than it looks. I'm not one for hard-as-nails games or challenges, but out of love for AVGN I'd love to give this list a shot, even if it means perfecting each and every stage.


Maybe look for a guide to get all the optional characters which are easy to miss, the extra items the nerd can get as equipment, the shitpickles and cartridges and the rest should come naturally, as it's mostly progression and there's even one for dying a lot. I envision a bunch of people getting the 100 deaths trophy before even getting to the halfway point of the first game. I look forward to playing Thy Farts Consumed and Future Fuckballs 2010, but Dungeons and Dickholes on the other hand... thankfully they seem to hone their level design in the second game. Glad they replaced the NC with Fred Fucks. Even happier to play this game in something other than my Wii U for a change.


So yeah, bottom line: while this trophy list will take some effort and skill, I don't think it will be on the top of the difficulty charts. I can see a good amount of people getting close to 100%, probably throwing the towel with only the "Perfect all levels" trophy keeping the plat away from them, just like how "Passionate Listener" lowers the percentage of people that have the vanilla P5 plat or the trophy for beating the DOOM classic games on nightmare difficulty..

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I've completed both these games on Steam/PC in each of their original versions.


They are "hard" but not incredibly hard, the games are more easier I feel then Classic Mega-Man games. Control and movement is really fined tuned and you will die at first due to unknown traps. But like with Mega-Man games as you learn these traps and remember then the game gets easier and easier with each play through. The characters you unlock each have special abilities and because of this it's actually possible to use them and the power-ups to make levels easier that otherwise would've been harder to complete. The hardest things is the final bosses and Silver Surfer inspired level.

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4 hours ago, Ptirle said:

So compared to crash 4, easier or harder?

Much easier and much shorter.


I beat it 100% on the Switch in about 12 hours (thats both games plus the new zone) - on normal difficulty


There is an easy mode that would make it much less time consuming as well. 


Crash was a waste of time and effort. It was near impossible.

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Somebody played both games already and willing to help me compare the trophies with achievements on Steam and rate the difficulty?


I played first game only and getting all achievements difficulty-wise was absurd, Super Meat Boy seems like a cakewalk in comparison. Here it seems you don't even have to beat it on any higher difficulty (are difficulty levels even present in this version?), it's like 4-5/10 in difficulty as far as first game goes if you can do everything on Easy (pretty big drop to be honest).


I haven't played second game, so I'm curious how's the difficulty of the trophies related to second game. Also curious about "Totally Perfect Nerd" (beating all the levels without dying, but separately?).

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