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Ascended Tower of Trails Floor 20 Still Glitched??


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Yes and no. It does pop for some people just fine but a lot of people are still having issues with it. I reached floor 20 for the first time few hours ago and it popped straight away. I started the game few days ago and I've encountered no issues at all with trophies.

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On 19/03/2021 at 11:58 AM, Wax743 said:

I'm grinding my way to level 50 right now and haven't tried the Ascented Tower yet, but is there a checkpoint or it have to be done in one setting? If so it must be kinda long!

Has to be done in 1 sitting there is no checkpoints took me 30 mins with best gear in the game and enemies get more HP the higher you go  and there are 2 bosses as well

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