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Excel table for trophy hunters


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Hi everyone!


So a little while ago I decided I wanted to keep better track of my trophy hunting, so I made an excel table that is pretty much automated (no macros, just functions) and gives me insight of my statistics and what I should do better.

I though about it and decided I might as well share it here in case anyone interested in something like that as well. Also, I know that there are enough creative people here that can give me ideas for improvement :)


So how it works:


Every time I get a platinum I add it to my list with difficulty of the game (subjective), amount of hours I played (can check either on ps5 or exophase), did I get 100%, does the games has dlc trophies etc.

Btw, I did it after I started so was missing some data, but it was easy enough to look up on psnprofiles. 


So after all that you can get an accurate statistics of you trophies (per day, week, month), which to be fair you can do here, but for me it was relevant because I started trophy hunting 7 month ago and my prophile is 2.5 years old, so i didn't want my inactive years in my statistics.


Another thing is 100% to platinum ratio and games with dlc tropies to 100% ratio, which made me realise I am not finishing a lot of games I platinum (37.5% of games with dlc).

It can also give you an idea what is an average game length and difficulty. This made me realize that I want to do more hard games (my difficulty average is 3.4 atm).

And last but not least, legacy psn and new psn levels on each platinum achieved.


So if anyone wants to use it feel free. You only need to fill the white cells in the tracker sheet, everything else is automatic!


How the end result looks like:




The table you add data to (again, just the white cells):




How to pull trophy data per platinum date from psn profiles - just open statistics tab and stand on the date you got the platinum:




And finally, clean table for whoever wants to use it:




And my table to use as an example:




So yeah, there is that, feel free to use it :)

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