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How solo able is this game? (Platinum & 100%)

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I picked up the game for $4 like a year ago, and revisited The Division over the past year, and although I had gripes with it the world alone was worth it. I spent about 48 hours to get the platinum & am now working on the DLC trophies (Last Stand seems like it’ll be impossible). So I’m wanting to jump into this one, however, I don’t really care for the PVP and the “always online” is annoying. I’d likely be playing solo, maybe one friend if I’m lucky, how much grinding is required (for the platinum and 100%, I care for getting 100% probably moreso than platinums), how many trophies need 2+ players & how much is locked to the Dark Zone/PVP?

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The trophy list and the trophy guide for the base game tells you everything you need to know about how many people you need for the plat and 100%. As for the Last Stand trophies in The Division, boost them. Just over half of the most recent achievers for winning 50 Last Stand games were part of a boosting group, myself included. It takes a bunch of people and a good organiser but it can be done.

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