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Fully Loaded Trophy missed (Need advice)

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Hello everyone

I was trying to get the Borderlands platinum, and while trying to get the "fully loaded" trophy I saw in the list of completed missions that I have done the 11 claptrap rescue missions, but I only have 39 slots so I think I have skipped opening one of the rewards.
I have started a plus game with the same character in order to reach level 50 and try to complete the claptrap missions, but I have done 3 claptrap missions and I don't get the 3 missing slots as a reward. I have read posts on several forums and video comments related to this trophy, but I can't find exact information.


The doubt is if doing all the claptrap rescue missions in this game plus I will get the 3 slots I'm missing or if I need to start a game with a character from the beginning, which would be a nuisance.
On the other hand, if I had to start from the beginning with a new character, is there any glitch, any weapon or any trick or tip to make it not so tedious.


Thanks in advance!

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It's rare to get new SDUs in NG+, therefore your only option is to start a new game from scratch but there's no way to speed it up :(. It's possible on rare occasions to get an SDU from the DLC Claptrap Rescue missions but it doesn't happen very often. Here's what I wrote regarding this trophy, in the Guide on .org:




This is the only truly missable trophy in the entire game.

Whenever you rescue a Claptrap you will get a Backpack SDU and for it to count towards this trophy you must equip it but don't sell, trade or drop it whatever you do else you'll need to either start a new character or use the second Playthrough to get any missed SDUs. Playthroughs 2 and 2.5 won't guarantee you get any SDUs you may be missing so make sure you get them all on Playthrough 1. You can get 3 more SDUs, one each from the Zombie Island, Secret Armoury and Claptrap DLCs but if you don't start them until Playthrough 2 or 2.5, then the chances of getting an extra SDU are extremely low. Don't change Playthroughs until you have this trophy, to prevent any possible problems.

The Repair Kits look like small brown, narrow, rectangular boxes which shimmer with a green light when you are near them and will show as Money Bag on your Compass. A Green Trophy Icon will also appear above the Repair Kit when you're close enough. The trophy will pop after rescuing the Claptrap in the Crimson Fastness, providing you got all the others beforehand.

This trophy isn't hard to get, you've just got to explore a little:


Credit to Double for these videos.

If you want a Picture Guide, then see here: LINK (credit to solstice for this).

It is also possible, even without the DLCs, to get extra Backpack SDUs on Playthrough 2 (we don't know about 2.5) but it's a lot harder to do so as the reward defaults to a Grenade Mod. In theory you can trick the game into giving you an SDU instead of a Grenade Mod by filling your Backpack with as much stuff as it will hold, Saving and Exiting, reloading then Turning In the Mission and reloading after quitting to the XMB (press psbutton.png then scroll down to "Quit Game") if you don't get one. This method is not guaranteed so only use it as a last resort.


  • If playing in co-op then everyone present will get the SDUs (credit to Lurkki91 for this info).
  • The hidden Easter Egg Claptrap in Fyrestone, which is above and behind Marcus's shop, is not needed for this trophy and neither is the one from the Mission "Claptrap Rescue: Fyrestone'.
  • There are two Claptraps in Old Haven and you can't get the one you need for this trophy until Tannis's Claptrap has been rescued during the mission "Not Without My Claptrap", which makes it highly missable.
  • Another highly missable Claptrap is the one in 'Crazy' Earl's Scrapyard as you don't have a specific reason to enter the area where it's located.


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thanks for the info!!! I missed some details when i looked for info ?... very interesting!!! I will try it! Thanks!!

edit 1: Tried in my Playthrough 2 to get all the 11 claptrap rescue missions with my Backpack all filled, and no luck, even getting 43/39 items (if you get prize items with full backpack it let you have more items than your backpack capacity)...

edit 2: Finally I get it without starting a new game!... I get it in playthrough 1 in Zombie DLC in mission "Claptrap Rescue The Lumber Yard" (doesnt appear icon in the map, you should see video to find it) Hope this helps anyone
Thanks for the help @HuntingFever

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