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Skipping cutscenes?


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53 minutes ago, saiyanbloodstyle said:

That's alright then, hopefully we get some video guides soon because i hate puzzle games (but still play them) lol.

Me too. But this one is actually pretty good and doesn’t get frustrating if you stuck for a bit. Solutions are always pretty intuitive. 
Speedrun Trophies are a bit annoying. But if you remember the full puzzle solution for that level and never have to think twice it isn’t that hard. 

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„Run, Move, Run“ Trophy just got fixed with update 1.02.

You have to do the timer puzzle in the last level on your first try.

Actually, I just had a manual save right before this section. Don’t know if it has to be the very first time.


Anyway, the trophy is fixed. Platinum is obtainable now.

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2 hours ago, Cryogenicide_X said:

Yeah this would be nice to find out. 

Just tested it, and yes! Pausing stop the timer, got the gateway trophy and speedrun at the same time watching a video, pausing, checking next few steps and doing them myself.

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15 hours ago, BlackSquirrell1 said:

Can you do the speedruns before completing the game?  For instance, play Chap 1 normally and then reload for the speedrun?



There's no chapter select so it's advisable to make manual saves for chapters you want to revisit and speedrun.

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