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Colour % on animals list?

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I haven't really found a list of this, but maybe someone else knows/found it out.

At this time I try to collect uncommon/special coat or patterns for in my trophy lodge.
As well as animals with a diamond score.

I have for example a piebald female fox in my lodge that I am very proud of because I never have seen a piebald fox when I played this game in the past. However, I cannot seem to find out what % of foxes are piebald. I don't know if they ever released those statistics or that dataminers on pc found it out, but I think it would be intrested to know. I also got the feeling some coats are more available in certain species like the Dark Gemsbok I see kinda often, but the Gold Gemsbok I see less.

Nevermind, I used some different google search words, and I found this post: Fur coats
Very intresting.

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