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That One Trophy...


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I've always been curious about people's experiences with "That One Trophy." Maybe it's one that you don't think you'll ever get, cursed to forever sit one shy of the platinum. Or maybe it's one that just the sheer time required to get threatens to break your will... ?


As you might see from my profile, I had some issues with an old PSN Account, so I started completely fresh in February of 2020. And I can tell you what "That One Trophy" for me is...


"Destiny's" from FFXIV - Complete 1,000 FATES. Like...I have somewhere around 200 after playing a year, and even that number is from grinding a little bit. The sheer number of FATES required, knowing that in-game...they are mostly useless, so it's JUST for the trophy...it just breaks my brain a little!


So...what's "That One Trophy" for you guys?

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I guess the spirit of ‘That One Trophy’ is not just one you never try for, (because I have plenty of those) but more the one you keep on plugging away at, seemingly endlessly?


There are 3 I can think of for me over the course of my trophy hunting habit, 2 of which I did finally get, and one that still remains stubbornly elusive!




Lumines Remastered


This one I did finally get, but it took me -according to this site - a year and seven months to manage, and that was with me giving it a couple of goes at least a few times a week, and for a lot of stretches every night.

A few tries doesn’t take a long time and I enjoy the game to this day, but having had those few goes before bedtime as a part of my routine for such a long time, after I did get the trophy, it actually took months for me to get used to the idea that I had done it, and didn’t have to play that mode anymore if I didn’t want to!


I would be starting to feel sleepy, then be thinking “oh, wait... there’s something I’m supposed to be doing...” before I remembered that it was beaten!




Batman: Arkham Knight DLC


I finished pretty much everything in the game, and all the rest of the dlc over five years ago, but it was only over this past Christmas break that I finally got this one.


Th ‘Community Challenge’ pack (as the dlc is called) has a couple of brutally difficult combat challenges, and I had made attempts at this one off and on for 5 years.
It requires a massive, perfect freeflow combo against infinitely spawning enemies of increasing toughness, until a huge score requirement is reached, at which point a boss from the main game spawns for you to fight.


I will never forget the feeling of panic I had when I finally did manage to reach the million points combo required to get the secret boss to spawn, and immediately realised: I hadn’t played anything but this challenge in so long, that I had forgotten how to play the rest of the game! 
I had to pause it and look up the controls for how to actually fight bosses! ?


Got through it by the skin of my balls, but I get cold sweats thinking about how I could have finally got him to spawn after 5 years of trying, only to get crushed because I had forgotten how to do a combo takedown!?


but enough masturbatory revelling in the ones I did finally prevail in!



my true white whale...




Dark Void DLC


This fucker ?




I got the platinum in 4 days, got the other (of the two) dlc map done 4 years later, but now I’m over 10 years past my first trophy in this game, and I still can’t get this bastard done!


I barely try it now - I’m on the old console less and less these days, but every now and then I will load it up, and make an effort to get it, but it defeats me every time. 

A decade this trophy has been laughing at me.

A decade of torment and scorn from an electronic picture....


This damned trophy has seen me grow up, have a kid, get married, change job; it has watched my hair get speckled with grey, my eyes get crows-feet and my ability to get up from a couch without making an “Ooohhh” sound fade to a memory, but it still won’t give me my satisfaction.


I’ll defeat it in the end though.


Either I’ll beat it, or I’ll die of old age.


Either way, when that happens, I’m calling it a win ?

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The Treasures of Montezuma 4 for ps3: Legends Don’t Lie (Get x99 multiplier). Been trying, usually once a year, for five years. And why?


Because I fucking got x98, once, my first month playing it. 

And over the years, I’ve just got progressively worse at the game. I’ve given up now. 

The runner up is Gladiator School of Dead Island on ps3 (DLC). Just couldn’t bother leveling up the other characters and getting their weapons upgraded so I could survive 15 consecutive survival waves online. Plus the other players started trolling me online when I tried, would die on purpose Wave 14, and then my underleveled character would immediately die. They knew what I was trying to do, so I just moved on. Was just too burnt out after doing every other trophy in the game plus Riptide.

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Off the top of my head, I've had two. For the longest time, the main one was was "Flappy Goat" in Goat Simulator. That trophy caused no end of grief for a fair few years, with constant attempts trying to get it and failing. The other one was for getting all the runes in Doom 2016, which glitched the first time round and left a sour taste in my mouth. Only recently went back to the game and platinumed it, making sure not to let the glitch happen again.

Don't really have any major ones on the go at the moment. Maybe Bee Simulator but that's due to a glitch making the last trophy I need unobtainable. That's not on my gaming skill - that's on my poor, drunk judgement on buying the game in a sale.

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Infallible Trophy Fall Guys probably no explanation needed here.
Although I do feel like would have it by now if I could just win final rounds more often but I have no such luck I really like the game and would like to get the platinum but I don't see this trophy happening. Currently tempted on trying a boosting group in order to get it.
 Also on Fall Guys quite I often I get down the last person the game trying to make me think I have chance at winning and always wind up losing although I think I currently am up to 46 wins total between seasons 1-3. 
 Plus there have been times every single team I am on is on the losing team regardless if I play well or not.
 Still holding out hope that I get that trophy someday though most episode wins I have been able to do in a row is 2 episode wins a couple of different times.

Probably never going to get that Digimon All Star rumble platinum either 120+ something playthroughs I liked the game enough to play for each character but not enough to do it that many times regardless of campaign being short.
 Godzilla has the same issue as well with 50+ playthroughs I think it was, although I may go back to that one someday.

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This son of a bitch right here:





When I'm With You


9Sb785f4.pngBeat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode


Made several attempts at this trophy and I'm convinced with the latest update (version 1.08), you either have to have a decent boosting partner (which I think is still only possible via Shareplay) or have mad twitch like gaming skills to stand a chance at some of these levels.


You have to do levels 1 thru 30 in Nightmare Co-Op. Nightmare difficulty is already unfair and complete bonkers, as John Romero and John Carmack confirmed nearly 30 years ago before most of you guys were even born. What makes this exceptionally hard and annoying is the split screen, it looks and plays like old school couch co-op multiplayer on Nintendo 64 games.


For an old ass game like DOOM II that I played countless times throughout the years, Nightmare Co-Op is a trophy I'm closing to throwing in the towel on. Maybe I can contact some of the recent achievers for this trophy and try to get an answer on how they obtained it. My last resort is to downgrade to an earlier version of DOOM II on the PS4 and gradually chip away at the levels I wasn't able to beat.

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8 hours ago, AgentSmiz said:

Off the top of my head, I've had two. For the longest time, the main one was was "Flappy Goat" in Goat Simulator. That trophy caused no end of grief for a fair few years, with constant attempts trying to get it and failing. 


I see a lot of people mentioning that one in lists of the most frustrating trophies.


I actually got that pretty quickly, but I think I know why:


(And, may I just declare that, this is almost certainly the only time in human history that the following sentence has be uttered in earnest!):


"Playing all that Flappy Bird on my phone was not a complete waste of time!"



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This bitch right here 


Batman: Arkham Origins

36Le4088a.png (240×240)


Obtain all medals on the original Campaign maps in Challenge mode (as Batman)



I was one campaign map away from earning this platinum, but the universe decided to curse and glitched the campaign I needed in the process. Over time, I made several attempts to resolve this (backing up my save, restarting the game, redownloading the app, starting on a new save file), but nothing worked for me whatsoever. I decided to go as far as buying a used copy of the game (cost me just a few dollars), but at that point, I felt like I was over it and never looked back since. 

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