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Two Can Tango trophy difficulties? [didn't pop]

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I beat phasing mode while playing as bard and dove today but the trophy Two Can Tango never popped, I thought phasing mode counts as all zones? Or am I mistaken? 
Either-or, I am a little peeved no trophy but I will keep trying, not sure whether to be doing coop phasing mode anymore, can anybody clarify what the issue was here exactly?

Edit: I just noticed I am on the score leaderboard but not the speed run leaderboard, does that affect it?

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I just did normal all zones with bard and dove, but still no trophy :(
For this run I am on the speed run leaderboard, so... no clue, 76th btw so not on the first 6 pages unfortunately. 
I have fulfilled the requirements for this trophy 3 times today, first two times were in phasing, and this third attempt is in all zones. 
Honestly a little upset 

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Oh? It's probably got something to do with you using Dove (because Dove doesn't face bosses, so I guess she doesn't count?)


Try doing it with Bard + Bard as I originally mentioned. You're allowed to use the same characters in co-op.

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