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Got COTR today during the most recent sale. Was playing the game through and popping the trophies like the happy little chicken I am when I realized that no more trophies were popping. I thought I had missed the platinum pop so I went in to look and it turns out that two of the trophies DIDN'T pop though all the trophies above and below them did, effectively locking me out of the platinum. Problem is there is no NEW GAME button and the game wont restart me at zero points. Not only that but even if I delete it and re-download it, it STILL starts me at 1000 points regardless. Nor can I simply re-buy the game and play it again because it's permanently in my library. So does anyone know if there is ANY way to rectify any of these issues? Is there a way to start the game again from the beginning or from zero points? Any advice will help. Thanks.

**EDIT** Thanks to anyone who answered. I actually googled it AFTER posting this and got the answer. I deleted the save file and re downloaded it and now have the platinum. Thanks again!!

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1. Why is your title yelling at us


2. Delete your save file on the system itself and start again.

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