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Which team do you need to get to div 4??


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Hello everybody,


I'm trying to legitlimaly get to div 4 and I'm a little bit lost on how far I am, in terms of ability, to that division. I'm currently playing with a 85 team and have just reached div 5. I'm afraid that I'm matching with +90 teams 4/5 matches, which makes it really difficult, but cannot really guess in which division they are. Sometimes I get 38 points for a win, and sometimes 25. So...what have you used / are using to reach that division? I'm just trying to get a better team step by step, but I'm not sure if I should be closer with my team.


That's my team (4-1-3-2):


Handanovic -- Gold -- 88

Alex Sandro -- SBC -- 91

De Ligt -- POTW -- 88

Koulibaly -- Gold -- 89

Florenzi -- Gold -- 81

Lucas Leiva -- NTOTY -- 88

Zielinski -- Gold -- 81

Cuadrado -- Gold -- 83

Callejón -- Gold -- 84

Rebic -- Gold -- 80

Ilicic -- SH -- 92

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I also tried to do it without boosting and it was impossible due to everyone having 95+ rating teams in at least 75% of my matches, honestly you're better off boosting it if deleting your club is an option. 


At this point in time everyone grinded enough to have decent teams so it's pretty hard to compete with those unless you're extremely skilled. There's nothing wrong with your team, it's way better than mine, but some people who've played since the beginning will have extremely op teams which you simply cannot beat. 

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