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I feel like this subject needs clarifying.


It seems many people struggle with farming certain rare items for hours and complain about how terrible the drop rate is in this game.

They keep using that Providential Ring and Large Sword of Searching or even leveling Luck, hoping that it will increase their chances.

There is a common misconception that building up Item Discovery helps at getting better drops more frequently. It doesn't work like that.


Item Discovery is a stat that determines how often items drop from fallen enemies.

It does not add to the quality or quantity of the things you get.

This is useful only on enemies that don't give items every time they die.


The only thing that affects the drop rate of rare items is World Tendency.

If you move towards Black Tendency you will get better drops. Moving towards White Tendency does the opposite.

If you intend to farm rare stuff like Pure Bladestones or Gold Coins you want to maintain Pure Black World Tendency.


Hope this helps.


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