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I can help you with the platinum on PS4


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For some reason my old form was taken down but I'm back. if you need any help with the armor's pets the corrupted worlds or crafting tables just add me on PSN username c21799 because I don't check form too often. I'm not going to boost people through the game play it for yourself and then I can help you with the harder trophies. I'm normally online between 5:00 to 9:00 Eastern Time. For any questions about trophies just send me a message.

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The old forum thread was likely removed because it's a boosting thread. 


Generally, boosting threads are not allowed on the forums because it creates a lot of clutter when people are looking for topics which is why we have a designated section of the site for it.


I think it's great that you are trying to help others with this, but this is just not the best place for it. You can set it up here and keep extending the date to it as long as you are active with it, stay organized, and maintain it.




Anyways, I hope that helps.

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