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Life Is Strange: True Colors - September 10th

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3 minutes ago, PhantomFear94 said:


I liked Before the Storm as well, although 1 is my favourite by far. 


Part of the problem with 2 is the insane length between episodes. With Tell Be Why, it was all done within 3 weeks, took 15 months for 2.


See, I played all of them once most or all episodes were out I think, so that wasn’t a factor for me - I can see that being an issue though, for sure

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So I’ve been a lesbian fighting evil white men and a hispanic guy fighting evil white men. Next up I guess I’ll be a transgendered person fighting evil white men and white feminists...

I do enjoy these games (and the plats are not taxing), but I hope they move away from the episodic format. The first I bought episodically but it frustrated me so much that the second I had to wait for the complete collection.

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36 minutes ago, Atoya said:

I don’t understand why people shit on LIS 2, the game took everything that made 1 great and made it better, but some of you aren’t even open minded to trying new things, the amount of details in that game is insane, I played 4 play troughs and every time I notice a small well made detail.


I can’t wait for the announcement!

I don't understand either, the one thing slightly disappointing was the lack of the time manipulation mechanic, which I loved for weighing up short term vs long term decisions. Other than that, I found LiS 2 much more balanced politically, unless you think the phase "Racism is bad" to not be a universal term, so I don't get why some people dislike it on politics.

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Kinda weird how a Life Is Strange video got recommended to me just on Youtube. I didn’t know this was possible to do:



I didn’t know she could be a bitch lmao


3 hours ago, Juzota said:


Politics are only problem when you don't agree with them. Am I right?

I guess. I don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of politics in videogames. It makes people aware of the issues, it shouldn’t be ignored. It’s not like every game has a focus on politics, but when it happens once or twice, people just cry about it so much and apparently it makes a game bad? To me it’s very interesting to see awareness of problems in the world and it’s a wonderful thing it can be used in videogames. I know way too many people that don’t watch the news cause of how depressing it is, including me. I stopped watching it cause I feel other’s pain and just start crying, feeling like shit for the rest of the day but that does not mean people should look the other way.

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3 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:




You’ve been to many countries.

I’ll bet.


Let me guess...


The best countries?

All the best countries...

No one has been to as many countries as you...

Wonderful Countries...

Cofefe Countries.

Just beautiful countries....



3 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:



And: ”Cartoonishly evil”?


you mean...

like the Umbrella Corporation?

Or the greek Gods in Immortals?

Or the Templars in Assassin’s Creed?

Or the villains in Spiderman?


Or the Bad guys in virtually every other game, on your list and mine (and everyone else's for that matter) - except for Life is Strange?




Again, what is the point here? It would be something different if I ever argued that the villains in those games were well written. But since you brought that up, Doctor Octavius in Spider-man 2018 feels more human is well written than anyone in LiS 2. It's also not like you can argue that the villains in the LiS series were not cartoonishly evil.


3 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:

And, as far as this word salad goes:



I had to read that about 7 times just to try and piece together what you were aiming for. 

If you’re dissing writing, you got to try harder to... y’know....


Criticizing ones work doesn't require them to write. 


3 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:



I really don’t think your doing a great job here.

Look, in the end, I thought the story of LiS2 was good. You didn’t, and that’s fine.

I thought they handled the good and bad that exists inside people, often simultaneously, pretty fairly for what they could in the short game episodes. Obviously you didn’t.


I suspect there is an argument to be made for the way you felt out there - not one I’d likely agree with, but one that is, at the very least, coherent and thought through - but I don’t think you’re the guy to make it on this particular occasion.

It's ok that you thought the story was good and maybe one day I would like to hear why, but I there are reasons why I believe the way the developers portrayed the serious subjects is not only bad, but also insulting to the way how it is in real life. They even had to emphasizes that it's not based on real life stories or events, when it clearly is. It doesn't ask or tackle any serious questions, it just shows the what without the why and it speaks for the audience rather than the audience speaking for themselves. There is no grey area in it to question the morality, rather it's more portrayed in a black & white matter from what feels like a perspective of an 8 year old child. It's not that simple and it's where LiS 2 story completely botches it's narrative. I can go on, but I'm really not in the mood to create an entire discussion about this game, cause it's that frustrating.

3 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:


Peace be with you, my brother - you’re a hell of a good trophy hunter btw - your list is mighty impressive 1f44d.png

Appreciate the compliment. Hopefully, we can have a talk about different games next time.

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Life is Strange is definitely one of my favorite franchise, the first one is the best by far - there's no doubt in that - but unlike many people, I enjoyed the second one as well! Before the storm was also decent and I liked Chloe more there.

Can't wait to see what the new game brings ?❤️ so excited!! ?

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