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Hi, so I've started the ps5 version  as I fancied a play after a long time away. Basically I just need to leviathan raid trophy for the platinum  but I can't seen to find the raid anywhere


Have the moved or been taken down?


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If I’m not mistaken (I haven’t played the game myself in a few years) the Leviathan raid was taken down not too long ago. Destiny have been doing this since the first game, so it’s not uncommon. What they also did was changing the trophy requirements from completing the raid and completing it on prestige to completing a nightfall and a nightfall on the hardest difficulty. I know this was done on the ps4 version, and by looking at your profile and your D2 trophies for the PS5, it has been changed there to. Just update yourself on the trophy requirements 


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They removed the Leviathan Raid months ago with the Beyond Light preparation patch, then changed the trophy requirements so you have to do a Grandmaster Nightfall instead.

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