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How to earn buggy trophies and make the game easier

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So I noticed that people have been asking a ton of the same questions in different and the same forum topics. To try to make it easier to find the answer to these questions, I am copying the information from my guide directly here with an additional summary going over specifics. Hopefully this makes navigating the forums for answers a bit easier so there aren't as many reposts. Hope this helps!


The Co-op Experience

This title can be played in Online Co-op for up to three players. Trophies for meeting special NPC's, completing side quests, and defeating bosses will unlock for all players in the group. When joining another player, campaign progress will only be saved for the host. When hosting, you will return to Ward 13 with a checkpoint at the last location you visited in your own campaign. Any experience gained, weapons found, or items collected will carry over to any campaign you or your friends are playing through. Campaign difficulty in co-op will either scale to the host if the host is the highest gear level, or scale to up to 3 levels above the host if a higher level player joins. For this reason, having a higher gear level player enter your campaign may or may not be beneficial. 


Gear Level Scale

Gear level is determined by your average best armor, and weapons regardless of if they are equipped or in your inventory. When entering a new area for the first time, one of two things can happen. If you are below the area gear level, the area will be set to its default starting gear level. If you are over the areas gear level, the area will be set to the average level of your gear. Once an area is entered and the difficulty has been set, the level scale will remain unchanged unless a higher gear level player joins your campaign. When only the host is playing, the area will return to its original set level scale. This allows players to enter an area with a low gear level, set the area to its default starting gear level, increase your gear level, and make the area easier to complete. Maxing out your gear before entering a new area will set the area to a more difficult level then the rest of your items. You can find out how easy or hard the area will be once it is entered by viewing the status on the inventory additional information toggle.

Experience and Traits

Traits do not change your gear level and will instead give you an additional advantage when improved. Traits are obtained from side quests, secrets, and boss encounters. Once you have earned enough experience from defeating enemies and completing quests, you will earn a trait point that can be spent to upgrade a trait. All traits can be upgraded to level 20 for additional benefits. These include faster experience gain, increased health, and reduced damage to name a few. If you are struggling in your campaign, you can grind out previously explored areas to upgrade your traits for an easier experience.


Mods, Weapons, and Armor

Weapons and Armor change your gear level and will effect the difficulty of new areas you enter. Mods, weapons and armor are obtained from side quests, secrets, and boss encounters. When trying to earn the Trophies such as obtaining 10 armor pieces and 15 mods, make sure to unequip all of your armor and mods for them to count. The Trophies only credit the total in your inventory and do not count what is equipped. To avoid having issues obtaining these trophies, unequip your armor and mods before obtaining new ones. You have to have the required amount in your inventory when you obtain a new one for the trophy to correctly unlock. If you do not obtain these Trophies after reaching the Trophy amount listed, you will need to earn a new one with all mods and armor unequipped. Starting armor and mods do not count. Additionally, after ranking a weapon up to level 20, you must rank up any other weapon once to obtain the the Push it to the limit trophy. DLC mods, weapons, and armor count for base game trophies.




Do not rank up weapons and armor until after entering a new area. Rank up all weapons and armor to the same level at a time. If playing in coop, make sure the other player all has the same level armor and weapons as you or have a much higher level player join when having difficulty in a specific zone. When getting close to the 10 armor pieces trophy, you have to obtain an armor set with 10 armor sets not equipped to your character. You will need to earn a new piece of armor with 10 unequipped in your inventory for the trophy to pop. When getting close to 15 mods, you have to obtain a new mod with 15 mods not equipped to any weapons. You will need to earn a new mod with 15 unequipped in your inventory for the trophy to pop. When you reach rank 20 with a weapon, rank up another weapon once to obtain the 20+ weapon rank trophy. Everything has to be done on one character and does not count between character inventory. Anything that you collect in the DLC will count towards the base game trophies.

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