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Rooftopbox challenges disappeared

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Hi, early today I did 2 challenges but after getting ultimate with the 2nd one, I was a bit done for today. 

So just now I've decided to open the game again and the challenges have all disappeared, the once I did and did not do.

I even did some swinging around the city to see if they'd reappear but they're just gone.

Peter does mention that he needs to do them, but I can't really do it if they're not around.

They do reappear if I have not yet gotten the phone call yet, but to do them all at once, my sanity wouldn't like it.


Here's my question; is my save file messed up? Is this a glitch and if it is, is it a known glitch?

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Ah, never mind, I got it fixed, for some reason all the side challenges appeared alongside the one I should've done as main quest. 

I just did the main quest that works as the tutorial challenge and all the other ones reappeared, even when I saved and reloaded that save file.

Thank goodness, because that really worried me.

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