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Not Too Close to the Sun Glitched? (See update)


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Just a warning, I believe the trophy "Not Too Close to the Sun" is glitched.  This is the first time a trophy has ever glitched on me- hopefully it gets fixed.  I'm not sure of the root cause, but I switched to the DLC rainbow wings as soon as I could.  Cycling through other pairs hasn't helped.  
Anyone else?


UPDATE:  DLC wings do NOT count, so don't panic (like me) if the trophy doesn't pop for you when switching between a bunch of wings.  The trophy unlocked for me when I obtained the Wings of Zeus and equipped them.  Sorry for the false alarm- have not seen this info posted anywhere yet though, so hopefully this helps someone else.

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1 hour ago, Ac3dUd3- said:

Never heard of this issue

It seems someone else on playstationtrophies has also had this issue (under the comment section of that specific trophy).  I'll update if there is a resolution, but wanted to give people a heads up in the meantime. 
edit: see update in original post

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