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Was trying to finish this game off before the server shutdown (was at about 830 games played) just checked my stats now to see that they were reset for both me and my alt and I'm down to 7 games on each now. Is this universal or only affecting me? Also my level hasn't been reset, if I finish off the next 170 games does anyone know if the trophy is still likely to pop or not? I've heard about this sort of thing happening in the past with this game. 

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This same thing just happened to me too. :( 

It's showing me with 10 games played but I'm still max level. 


No idea if its just a visual glitch and if it will still pop the trophies as it should. I really hope I don't have to restart my wins on arkashan, I just needed around 320 more and then I would be finished. 

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Yeah, I'm wondering if it's worth playing out the last 170 or not. I don't have time to do another 500 before the shutdown. But my level, recent games and also mission progress is showing. It's only the games played tab that's affected. Same thing happened to my boosting partner, so I'm pretty sure it's universal. Just hope someone can confirm whether or not the games are truly lost or not.

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Had it happen as well it's definitely resetting the wins though. When I went to check after Dagger mentioned it I logged in and as soon as I went to view my stats I seen my wins and losses visually switch 0 for both.


My matches recently played also disappeared as well but came back after.


There's still time for people to possibly grind this out if you restart. But I would advise focusing on only one map till you get the 500 wins for one then do the other.


Also for anyone who plans to restart the grind after this definitely check the tips here. I've included some break down of how to proceed with matches even solo boosting to make the wins faster.

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Yeah my stats are wiped as well.

Luckily I got this grind done before.

Well if this resets often now, do you think it's worth the risk to start again from 0?

500 matches for 1 mode takes surely around 50 hours .. not sure, if this isn't just a big time waste now :$

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3 hours ago, Lord_Bane999 said:

I think I'm going to try and see if I can keep the game running this week on my console and hope that it keeps progression that way.


When the first server error occurred after the announcement I was still playing just fine, by leaving my consoles on, but at somepoint the matchmaking will break, load times will take way longer than needed. I had to wait for 7 min to load up the map, and thats not worth it at all. A restart is needed at some point.

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It is potentially just a visual error. I had something similar where on the Games of Glory website it said I played around thirty games and around one-thousand games in the game itself. Despite this I got the Arkashan trophy for five-hundred games.


Hopefully it is just a visual issue and some of you get the trophy soon.

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On 15/03/2021 at 10:35 AM, TheHarryGamer99 said:

It is potentially just a visual error.


I don't think so. When I started playing on the day the stats were reset I had 77 total games played, of which a small few were just mucking around exploring the modes and getting the other non-win-grinding trophies out of the way. I played a few more games and at one point the game froze on both consoles. Thought nothing of it, just restarted and kept playing, then after some time, checked and saw I only had 24 games played. I sent an email to the developer then I kept going and got to 50 games played (wins) before logging off and going to bed.


Skipped yesterday as I was playing poker with friends, then logged on today to find my stats reset again. Now I am back up to 15 wins and still no trophy for 100 wins on Scandia.


For the record, here is the return email from the developer:


Hello IronMask75,
We are actually recalculating all the stats in the game. Normally you should get back to the correct number in a little bit as we have gone through all the matches.
Best regards


Le dim. 14 mars 2021 à 06:09



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23 minutes ago, Lord_Bane999 said:

Yep all back! Thank God we got some insanely caring devs

Happy for you guys you managed to get these trophies ?. I remembered there was a bug prevented to even select anything at all, stopped for over 2 months & a half then suddenly it came back & then I was like machine gun played non stop. ?

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