How do I complete these trophies?!

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Hi I’ve tried looking online and can’t find how to do the following trophies


Good Combiner

(Combine enough assignments to reach 50% vehicle max payload)



(Combine enough assignments to reach 70% vehicle max payload)


as my trailer is now at 50% after loading at various places and the trophy isn’t popping please help 


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The way I did it was to use the Scania R 2013 4x2 (Rigid Box). You start with it if you picked Scania as your truck brand, otherwise I recommend buying one then simply use it to go to any Brutto and pick routes that are 3x400KG (1200KG) in size and weight and load 7 onto the truck.


4 of those orders will equal 54% of the trucks payload, popping Good Combiner.


6 will equal 82%, popping Planner.


And 7 equals 96%, giving you Logistics Specialist.


If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I apologise, but it's how I've done it after the newest update since the weight tracking for loads seem to be a lot more accurate now.



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