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Tondeke! and Barrier! trophies


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i did the magic attack by holding x for 3 seconds on a lot of bosses...


But i don't understand if i have to do that on a boss, or on the LAST boss ? (in this case, it means that i have to finish the games twice again ?)


Thanks !


Edit : ok you have to do it on the last boss.

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Hi, for the barrier trophy you need to have a blue magic at level 3, this is achieved by collecting 6 x blue magics and then continue to collect crystals to level up the magic. Then hold down X for a few seconds and release with a magic at level 3 selected, getting the final hit on a boss, any boss, using this method will pop the trophy. A bubble will appear around your character for a few seconds afterwards, stopping you from using your next magic, but instead firing out your fairy, if you got your final hit at this time then it would pop the Tondeke trophy. Alternatively, for the Tondeke trophy, use up all your magic, then just perform the hold down X and release attack. Like I said these can be done on any boss, it doesn't have to be the final boss of the game, however I'm not sure about the middle bosses, I've only used it on the end of level bosses.
Here's a vid showing an example. Hope it helps. Cheers.


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