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Interplanetary Fracking Bugged?


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Is anyone else having trouble with this trophy unlocking? 

I've seen some posts for Treasure Hunter and King of the Crystals (which also aren't unlocking for me), but not this one.

Really don't want to have to do a fresh install/save, but I'm worried the other collectible trophies won't unlock at this point.

Edit - Looks like I missed the Breaker of Gates Trophy as well, despite getting Meet Your Unmaykr


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Nope, haven't used any cheat codes. Did replay some missions and quit out early for collectibles, but otherwise have been playing normally. 

Edit - Ok, it seems all the other collectible trophies unlocked just fine, though some of them didn't load their trophy image and only popped when I opened the PS menu in game. Treasure Hunter popped when I replayed the Taras Nabad to the end for the third time.

I wonder if the milestones just failed to update as I was considered 'offline' at the time (had a notification saying PSN was undergoing maintenance), as that's considered to be a common issue (https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/49901/~/why-didnt-i-receive-milestone-rewards-in-doom-eternal%3F).

Oh well, looks like I'm slated for another playthrough (Thanks DeadStanley for trying to help).

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