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Garden DLC trophies not unlocking


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39 minutes ago, AdamWolf86 said:

Every trophy unlocked for me bar one; Gardener. I unlocked all the skills but that trophy didn't unlock. 


Luckily I had a save from a few days ago so I'm just trying to grind to get all the skills again. 


How did you unlock Lets Swim? Can't seem to get it to pop.

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On 3/20/2021 at 10:32 AM, X-x-TheMayor-x-X said:

Weird.. restarting my ps4 seemed to work for me.

This worked for me as well, though I had to do it a few times since I was doing a little experimenting with it as well, and found if you do the skills on garden dlc maps, (Almost only a garden map as suggested by trophy tom)  that it worked 100% of the time on both my accounts. When I tried the restart and import and tried it on none DLC maps it never popped.  I didn't do a huge set of tests just 4 to 5 before I wanted to prove my garden DLC worked again.  Hope this helps and thanks for the restarting tip.

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I'm having problems with this too. Missed 4 trophies because they didn't pop, restarted my console twice and got 2 trophies (Perfect Layout and Competitor) but the trophy for finishing the first mission still doesn't unlock even though I've replayed it like 5 times now. Super frustrating. 

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Have the Garden DLC trophy glitches been fixed yet? EDIT: I'll answer my own question, yes they have been fixed for the most part. Other than "Give It Some Fresh Air" glitching and requiring me to reposition my laptop a few times to get it top, I had zero trophy glitches.

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