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Loose guide

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First of all, you can do this (soruce: I did). This is the easiest entry in the Disgaea series thus far, yes, easier than dd2. If you’re saddened by the fact, that this one won’t get an English localization for the ps4, then worry not, the approach to the platinum would be the same either way. You don’t need a grasp on the Japanese language. The game plays just like any other Disgaea. If you played one before, you'll know the battle system by heart.


What makes this entry so easy, is the following:

-The Level cap is too high, while the stat cap is too low

-You don't need to look for specific Items, such as Trapz, Baal Swords etc. You can max out your stats with the base stats + one evility

-There is not much reason to go into the Item World, other to subdue innocents and get a few trophies

-Skills are severly underpowered. A standard punch usually does the trick


You’ll need one source of external media to help you navigate this game in Japanese and that’s your smartphone. Download whatever translation app you’ll see fit. I just used google translate. You might have to break out the translator every now and then, but you’ll memorize the menus quickly, if not, not a big deal, just point your phone to the screen and you’re good to go.

Translations are needed to get through the tutorials (or skip them, I’m not your mum), tweak things in the option menu, navigate the dark assembly, reincarnation stuff and most importantly evilities.


With this approach, it’ll take roughly 100h +/-. It took me 167 hours. However the actual playtime is going to be around 15h. Why? This game is incredibly automated. You can of course just not use the auto mode, but it will take you much, much longer. This game plays more like an early cellphone game. You know, you tell your guy what to do and 8h later you’ll reap the rewards, rinse and repeat.

So without further ado, let’s go!


Step 1


Reach chapter 2 and unlock Heart Edits. This allows you to program your units. There is no input from you required here. They give you 3 Presets: Attack, heal when in danger and prioritize Items. These work basically the same. By default, your guys are set to attack. In the Character menu, you’ll see next to the charas now an “ON”, this means, that this unit will be dispatched if auto mode is activated. Press the touchpad to deactivate/activate charas. Once in a battle, press start and watch them go.


Step 2


Let your guys level up a bit. Max out exp gain in the cheat shop and go to the Map 2-3. I went here a lot. Start the battle, press start and then press the touchpad. The map will now repeat. You can see where this is going. All units on the map will receive exp, even if they’re defeated. So just turn the tv off and do something else. Be sure to farm some mana and pass the bill to increase the speed of everything. It starts out x2 and maxes out at x32. You’ll need a ton of mana though. You can also pass a bill to pour everyone’s mana into one chara. The last speed up option will speed up the movement animation.

You can skip this step; this is merely to overpower your units so you can steamroll the game.


Step 3


Reach the Land of Carnage. Reaching LoC is a piece of cake in D6, simply beat the game and beat the 2 postgame stories. You might run into a lil trouble on the final postgame story, but do not worry. Just explode guys instead of defeating them one by one. You’ll see what I’m saying once you get there. Once the story is beaten, pass the bill to unlock LoC, it’s that simple. To toggle between regular world and carnage, press r/l 1 at the map screen. You can see what world you are in by looking at the symbol on the bottom right. Blue is regular, red is carnage.


Step 4


Unlock the level cap for your main 10 Units. By this point, everyone is going to be Level 9999. To unlock the cap, you need to reincarnate. At the reincarnation screen, choose the genius, this will net you a 0.25 bonus karma. Karma is needed to unlock potential. There is no class world in this game, you get the same bonuses as you would in the older games just through reincarnation (movement up, counter up etc). Press square to select the improvements you want. You’ll see this screen often. You get Karma from achieveing "Bad Management" tasks and leveling up (1 Level = 1 karma). There is also bad karma, but i honestly coldn't figure out what it is or does.


Step 5


Reach the Level cap for LoC with one character. I read a couple of Japanese guides and each recommend a different unit. I just went with Zed, as his innate abilities seemed to suit the game the best. I’d recommend to level the rest of your crew a little bit, as it will help later to reduce time spent in the item world. Bringing them up to around 100k is enough.

Go back to 2-3 and level for a bit, then go to 11-5. In this map are lucky boards. They can only be defeated if you deal more damage then they have health, so you'll need to adjust the enemy strength in the cheat shop every now and then. You’ll be here until you reach the level cap of 9.999.999.


Step 6


Conquer the LoC. You should’ve no trouble reach carnage 5. Here is where it gets spicy. However, with the right evilities it won’t be much trouble.

Useful evilities:

-        Chained: increases your stats by 100% at the cost of deactivating skills. No brainer, skills aren't that useful here, sure you can use aoe skills, but a normal attack is just as powerful

-        Zombie Revival: Revives you at the base once per map

-        Dragon Shell: Increases your defense as long as your hp is over 90%

-        Undead: Increases defense but reverses healing.

-        Fighting spirit: Increases normal attack power by 75%.

-        Bushido (innate samurai ability): increases dmg to single targets by 50%

-        Poison res

-        Abnormal status res

There are lots of useful evilities, just try different combinations. You increase your Evilitiy capacity by passing a bill and through “bad management”. It’s an ingame achievement system for your charas. You’ll find it on the stat screen. Regularly check back there and reap your rewards, you must manually claim them, for every character.

Don't forget to set your subclass in the status screen. Just click on a class and it'll turn yellow. You can also simply max out every class through the drinkbar. This will give you the innate ability of these classes (and you'll be able to buy their evilities). In the drinkbar you can also add mana and exp to your chara. It's a good idea to max and fill out the drink club. You can add permanent stat bonuses to your guys. However i don't know how to fill the bar up with stats. Bad Mangement only gets you so far, but I think this is where bad karma comes in. You can also gain weapon mastery here very quickly.

To make your regular attacks even more devastating, join the Normal attack squad and max it out, you’ll have plenty of stored exp.


Step 7


Unlock the Rakshasa dimension to raise level cap. Just like LoC, pass a bill in the dark assembly. The Icon for rakshasa is purpleish. This also introduces a 3rd set of items.


Step 8


Prepare for Rakshasa. To unlock the final level cap, you will need 20 million karma, which means you have to reach level 9.999.999 twice. When reincarnating, simply don’t use your karma to store it in your chara. Use the maps mentioned above to level up. Now climb your way up 99.999.999. You can also try to make your way through the House of Ordeal once you are at max level. However, your stats might still be too low to beat Ordeal 6. Stage 1-2 are regular, 3&4 LoC and 5-6 Rakshasa. You can't toggle these. It’s also called differently, but you know what I mean.


Repeat this process until you have maxed out your base stats. All in all I have reached max level 13 times before I had maxed out everything. You do not need to raise all the stats, you can safely ignore sp and int, as you don’t really need those. It just looks nice on the status page. The base stat cap starts at 255, with LoC 500 and Rakshasa a whopping 2000. It costs karma to unlock though.

Be sure to snag all the extra dmg modifiers, it’s unnecessary to get every class upgrade (like movement, jump etc). It just costs too much. Grab at least 1 attack range upgrade, it’ll help with Ordeal 6, you’ll see when you get there. You don't need to get to 99.999.999 every time, it actually takes longer doing this, but I don't where the sweet spot is.


Once your base stats are capped off, reincarnate for a total amount of 200 times. With Zeds innate abilities, this will net you a 200% dmg boost and 50% dmg reduction. Nothing to sneeze at.


After that, place Zed in the Demon King Guard Unit, this will further increase his growth rate by 150%, decreasing the exp gain to 25%. You can also equip evilities to further add to the growth, but they will cap out anyways once you equip chained. The only stats that won’t max are HP/SP. Maybe put in a HP modifier if you fancy it.


Step 9


Put Zed back in the normal attack squad and re-equip your evilities. Make sure to Equip “King’s Personality”, it adds a 50% damage bonus to boss units. You should have no problems reaching stage 5.

Start by forming a tower and throw zed to the end of the map and defeat the android. She has a skill that will hit you anywhere on the map, you don’t want that. Take as many fools with you as you can. Once Zed is defeated, put a unit out and lure the enemies closer to your base. Spawn Zed back in and lay down the smackdown. If your Zeds health gets low, sacrifice a unit and throw him back to the base. Make sure you have the Medic Camp Unit maxed out and filled. Sacrifice a few units to get Zed’s health back up and then get rid of the last enemies. The only Units here that will withstand a punch are the 2 Headless Monster guys, it'll take 2-3. They won't deal much damage to you, don't worry.


Step 10


Collect the rest of the trophies. You can get the epic item trophy & rank 40 item trophy through the regular world. Don’t even worry. To make and epic item, simply increase a legendary item’s rarity to 100, you do this by beating item world bosses. To get a rank 40 item, you have to steal it like old times. Through bad management you’ll easily get a rank 39 item, just increase a units weapon level to 100 through the drinkbar and claim it on the status screen. Reach floor 99, gency out, safe and try to steal it. Might take multiple attempts. At level 2 million and steal skill at 1600, I had a 29% chance to steal from a level 9999 enemy. The stealing skill is way too weak. At my level my Thief had enough SP to use one steal. You could equip her with Rakshasa orbs, you'll have a lot in storage, that might help.


To Level an item to 9999, simply use the scouts in a low level regular world item. From 0 to 9999 it took me about 2h. The trophy won’t pop though. Receive your 9999 level item from the scouts, enter it’s item world and gency out. Then it’ll pop.


The Rest should be self-explanatory.



You’ll need innocents to make this journey shorter. Either get one from the Item World scouts, or just buy them from the Item Worlder at the base. Yes, just buy them. They cost Items points, your Inventory will max out a bunch of times, instead of selling those, trade them in at the IW. You can also sell Innocents. Best you buy 2 exp guys, put them in an item and enter the item world to subdue them and gency out. This will also unlock the innocent farm, I think. Max out the Innocent darm squad and put a unit there. Now put the 2 exp innos in there and wait for the magoc to happen. You’ll get notifed if a new innocent is born. They max out by themselves in the farm. If not combine them by pressing the touchpad at the innocent warehouse (doesn’t work at the farm for some reason).


To unlock new classes, you have to finish some quests. Just accept all the green quests and check back regulary, you'll finish those without even knowing it or it's requirements. A lot of these give you evilty scrolls. These scrolls are the only way to learn new skills and by that I mean spells. There are no weapon skills in his adventure. There really isn't a scroll that you should look out for, i have 160 in my Inventory and from what i can tell, you can get all of these through simple progression. There are 100 evilities that you can get through reincarnarion or scrolls. Those 100 are chosen at random, being in the maxed out normal attack unit will net you 3 extra evilities through reincarnating. You'll receive a message once you got them all on one character.


I hope this is somewhat useful to some. If you know of a better way, then please share it. Everyone should play Disgaea ?

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I’m confident we will get a Western release on PS4. 

Sounds like you’re not a Disgaea fan if you think you’d die of boredom if you don’t play with the automation. Some of us enjoyed the grind that is Disgaea. 

You’ve described everything that has made past Disgaea games what they are as “useless”. I’m getting the impression from your description this is barely a Disgaea game, mostly in name an appearance. Hoping my experience won’t be quite what you described.



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I enjoy the grind as well. But here it's a lil brutal. You'll have to replay the same map over 1 million times, without the automation it's not too exciting. There is no level quickly from "1 to 99.999.999" like in the other games. If there is, then I haven't found it.

This is an incredibly streamlined disgaea. A lot has been removed. It's still fun seeing your numbers go all the way up and that's exactly what I want :) Didn't mean to come off as too negative here, just wanted to share an easy tactic.


I guess i worded it a litlle too harshly...

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