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Lvl 70 trophy popped at Lvl 50...but...


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So I had a weird glitch where the lvl 70 trophy for Ichiban popped when I hit 50 on my ps5 and it shows it on their but on psnp it's not showing that I have it. Has anyone else had this issue? I really don't want to go through a third playthrough since I still need to finish my ps4 version as well. Plus, how can I even get that to disappear since it's counting towards the plat but I care more about it on psnp than the Sony side? 

Anyone else experienced this? It's not like I can delete a trophy to regain it, so I'm a little bummed/confused.

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2 hours ago, BGriff1986 said:

It doesn’t seem to be showing on your profile in the PlayStation app either. Sounds like an example of the general problem where PS5 doesn’t always sync trophies properly :(

Yup, I had a buddy check the odd thing is it shows the lvl 50 trophy on the app but not the 70. I just hope all goes well when I get close to the plat. I don't wanna grind a new save just to lvl up lol. Especially since it's endgame that it works best with.

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