Welcome Home PHOGS bugged?

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Hi all, 


I have just finished the whole story of Phogs! but when i had reached the end of credits the trophy Welcome Home PHOGS didn't pop up. I think that i had made some mistake and i replay the final level another time, but another time, after completed the credits the trophy didn't pop up. 


Could you help me? The game is bugged or i miss something? 




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I just did this last week and it worked for me. If I remember correctly, I think that after the credits are done and it puts you back into the hub world you need to run around (or slither or whatever it is that phogs do to get around) the hub area and wake up 3 or 4 different other phogs. I don't remember if you have to do anything to wake them up other then just go up to them, but it'll be pretty self explanatory if I remember right.


Hope that helps!


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Hi @Llobster12
I try to complete another time the final level


The Lost Temple


but the trophy didn't pop up. I try to run around the central hub and wake up all the other Phogs. I think i need start a new run and complete it. 

Thank for your help! 


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