Grenadier, Lumberjack and watch your steps trophies.

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So the descriptions for all 3 of these are wrong. They all say after night 5 and on and that is incorrect. For lumberjack you have to do it on 7 or later, for grenadier night 8 or later, and watch your steps night 9 or later. It is easiest to do them all in a row in one play through. I just achieved them today after comparing the trophies to xbox achievements. The achievements details are correct, not ours, hope this helps anyone who couldn't get them to pop.


Update: they just sent out a fix and updated the trophy descriptions. 

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Devs. Updated trophy description.

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thanks anyway, well done!

update: for those who tried a lot but couldn't succeed yet.

I've finally managed those three by playing the game all alone because there shouldn't be anything else for your defense.
Probably the same like for 'Combat mastery', no barricades, turrets or mines.

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knowledge update

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