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Ascension level added to PC version in Update 2.0... PS4 when?


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lol, I thought they released complete game without level-skip, but at least they gave this level it for free...


and also, this mission is like 5~minutes rail-shooter long, really worth experience? I mean, I loved Crysis back in a days, but this part is not worth to be hyped about imo.


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Not having it didn't turn me off from buying the game, but if they're going to bring it back... let them. Yes, it is over quickly (5 minutes is about right), but I like it. Though since I have the platinum, I'll probably play this on PC mostly.


They did away with the unlocked FPS for Performance mode (for now it's capped at 30), but there will be an update to bring back 60 on PS5. PS4 performance mode will stay at 30.

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12 hours ago, RadiantFlamberge said:

So it's gone live now. Good. And along with the Ascension level, there are some enhancements for next-gen systems. Crytek is saying to expect 1080p@60 in Performance, 1440p@60 in ray-tracing, and 1800p@60 in Quality (2160p on Xbox Series X), with some help from dynamic resolution scaling.


PS5 Version hasn't been tested yet but Series X is struggling to achieve 60 fps in any mode but performance. Quality Mode is around 55-60 and RT Mode 45-55 most of the time.


Played the ps5 version myself yesterday for a couple minutes and it run pretty smooth in all modes. Game still stutters when reaching a checkpoint but otherwise it ran fine. I'll probably stick to quality mode now instead of performance as i did at release.

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The PS5 version looks nice. Here's someone's video of Quality, and they're saying they've seen no frame drops. I wonder what they'll be saying when they get to Ascension... a level that can really tax a system. One of the commenters says pretty much what you said about the XSX version, and I've watched a video of that on YT. Not so impressive... Crytek should dial Quality down to 1800p like the PS5, and probably turn RT mode down to 1080p. Hopefully this patch won't be the last.


I'll have to try this again on PS5 when I get one. While I also have the PC version and a decent setup (if you have a 10900 KF and 3080 RTX, you should be able to use Can it Run Crysis? textures and Very High everything else at 1440p), it's great to see a console running Crysis like that.

If they remaster Crysis Warhead... I'll buy.



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as a massive fan of the pc original this is fuckin awful in every way but especially the ai, they don't act like the ai i know. they are fucked like ubisoft ai, they see you through dense foliage it's obnoxious and rage inducing. pretty bad remaster. and so is the aiming, no acceleration whatsoever. feels so slow on dualsense even with maxxed sensitivities.

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