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This is cheaper than the English versions?

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I'm honestly at a loss for words. Physical copies for the NA versions of Danganronpa 1 and 2 are going for about $80 each (good thing I got them digitally before the delisting). However, when I recently picked up a JP physical copy of Danganronpa 1 / 2 Reload on Vita, it only cost me $30. Why are the JP physical copies so cheap and the US physical copies are so expensive? 


If you can read Japanese, this is absolutely the definitive Danganronpa package if you aren't bothered by only getting one platinum across both games. 

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9 minutes ago, ElevExplorer64 said:

Why are the JP physical copies so cheap and the US physical copies are so expensive?


This is a pretty common thing, to be honest. I assume it's because a lot of games that are niche in the West are mainstream in Japan. Also, the digital market for games is still much smaller than it is in the West.


The flipside is that digital sales in Japan are no where near as good as they are here.

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Yea the prices even for pre-owned copies of the English version of Danganronpa for Vita these days are insane. I managed to snag a new copy of Danganronpa 1 for Vita last year (before it was delisted) for a reasonable price ($30). I just recently last month was able to snag a copy of DG2 Goodbye Despair for Vita used for like $50 (still overpriced, but this was the cheapest I was able to find it for.) I've still yet to find even a used copy of DG V3 on Vita for anything under like $80, it's the last one I need to finished off the set for Vita. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to secure a copy for a decent price though. 

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