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Wow these trophy descriptions


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I never really gave much thought to the character limit playstation puts on trophy descriptions, but with the novels written on some of these trophies it does make me wonder how long they are allowed to be ?

Upon further reading of the actual descriptions and loving the lengthy sarcasm, I'm totally getting this for that reason alone. And it doesn't hurt that I have some nostalgic enjoyment playing minesweeper type games.

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This trophy from Finger On The Roof gives a pretty good indication of how many characters is the limit.




But seeing as it has 999 characters, I'd say the limit is 1000 xD 


Also, if you plan to play this game, I have a guide for it.

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Isis could use trophies' descriptions to plan out their next strike, and Sony wouldn't  notice, thinking it's just an ezpz plat.

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Description for new DLC trophy..

"(If you're one of those people who can instantly see the solution in your mind's eye and/or an online guide, this is the new mechanic for you! It's not like I wanted you to play my game for real or anything... baka...)"
They're onto us! Abort!!

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