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Trophies glitched?


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Damned, but thanks for the threat mate!

Just bought the game and tried a little for the hardened trophy but couldn't finish wave 25 in onslaught yet.

On steam there are a lot of achievements for this title as you can see on their wiki page.


Now here we've got just a few and they still seem to be glitched for some reason.

It would be really nice if they could fix those issues for the PS version trophies, wouldn't it?


Anyway, I've just finished Chasmal, the second Campaign Scenario and am wondering if there are gonna be more than the available four Scenarios.
And how the heck it might be possible to finish a Scenario on hard without killing a zombie.....?

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Hey man! I can tell you something about the Game and the Trophys. So I played the PS5 Version of it and can confirm, that the Hardened Trophy is currently bugged.. I made it like 4 Times till Wave 30 and it won't pop. So I decided to contact the Dev and he says, that it will be patched sometimes.. (After the Relase of the new Game he's making right now.)


So I hope too, that it will be fixed. :) About the Scenarios, they are not more. Just these who are already there. 


The Pacifist Trophy is obtainible as you can see on my Profile. But it was a Hell of a Ride. I did it on the Chasmal Scenario. :) If you need some Tips, I can help you with that. 


Greetings xRiAgi

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thank you mate for the input and well done so far!


I've just finished the fourth campaign scenario on normal and realized there won't be any more.

Was hoping though the 'Recruit' trophy would pop after, but it didn't.

So the tutorial doesn't count and I probably just have to replay one of the scenarios to get it.

And then another five rounds for finishing ten scenarios makes 'Now we're talking' coming up.


My strategy for 'Pacifist' would be to use Nora and build a barricade everytime a zombie appears;

then let Mason do the shooting while the zombie can't pass the barricade...


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I just got a response from the dev on twitter about the bugged trophy:


"Hi. Thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately, there's always a glitch or two in software, so nothing is perfect, but I'll investigate that achievement and see if it's a server-side or client-side issue. If it's server-side, should be a quick fix. If it's client-side, it'll require a patch and may take me a bit. I appreciate your support of the series and locating issues. :)"


So it sounds like it's going to be fixed, he even said patches and updates come for his game that's now over 4 years old, so it seems like he still cares for the games he puts out :D

There's also a collection of 5 of the Outbreak games coming from Limited Run Games if anyone is interested.

I'll be picking up a physical myself:




Sadly though by the time these games hit LRG's front page, the chances are that a patch for the trophy probably won't be on the disc which is a bummer  :(

Still, i'm all for supporting devs that actually seem to give a shit!


EDIT: He also added this:


"The good news is outside of any trophy issues (which would only ever work online), the games are in fairly good shape on PS4. The collection disk contains the updates for the titles on PS4 (such as the recent Epidemic & Lost Hope patches) so anyone popping in the disk 10 years from now should be in a good spot."


So the dev's made sure that the games have the latest (so far) patches on the disc, which is still pretty damn good news!

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