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Question about Instinctive Reaction and Considered Opinion

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In the PST  trophy guide it says:


1.whenever doing your heart (head) walkthrough, if the options are 2 heads (heart walkthrough) or 2 hearts (head walkthrough), you can choose whatever you want. That means that you can choose any head (heart walkthrough) or any heart (head walkthrough) or be silent, right?


But it also says that


2. in the Pause Menu it should specify that "you have only made choices with your heart(head), where possible" and you can track your decisions in the scene select menu.


So i did what it said in the guide (choose a head choice when facing 2, during my heart walkthorugh) but i think something frustraing has happend. Except the 1st scene that shows that i only made heart decision, the other scenes all have both heart and head icon beside it. ?And in the pause menu it specifies nothing at all. Did i screwed it up?


Besides, in other guides it says that when faced to 2 hearts or 2 heads choices we need to choose to be silent or do nothing.


So what's the truth behind these 2 trophies? Please gimme some tips if you have already the platinum, thanks.



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