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Confusion over editions required


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What a mess of a system for this game.


So currently I own 'Hitman Game of the Year Edition' (https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP0082-CUSA02976_00-000000S1GOTYFULL?smcid=psapp) , and I would like to 100% Hitman 3. My understanding of what I need to buy is first I need to buy 'Hitman 2 Gold Edition' (https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP4572-CUSA12421_00-HITMANGOLDBUNDLE?smcid=psapp) and then purchase just the standard edition of Hitman 3.


Is that a correct assessment? 


Like it's cool that stuff from 1 and 2 are playable in 3 but their purchasing model here is a mess frankly...

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5 hours ago, JavaNext said:

Yes. You need Hitman 2 Gold and Hitman 3 normal edition.


Keep in mind that new DLC for Hitman 3 was announced today, so more trophies could be coming.



Right now Hitman 2 Gold is like $130Cad so waiting for that to go on a heavy discount before I buy Hitman 3 anyways - just setting up price drop notifications :)

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On 3/27/2021 at 6:50 AM, Taliesin_2943 said:

Isn't there a thing in the menu of hitman 3 where you can purchase the pass for hitman 1&2 for a fraction of the full games prices? Thus negating the whole which versions do I need question since it sends you right to exactly what u require?

In the US they charge full price for each, not a fraction.  At least what the current PSN price is.  $60 for H1 access pass, $60 for H2 access pass and $40 for H2 Expansion access pass (or $100 for H2 Gold access pass that includes both). 


It's ridiculously expensive to get the previous games into H3 that way.  Cheaper to either wait for a PSN sale or seek out physical copies (new or used) and then buy the H2 expansion.  

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So if I already own Hitman 1 complete edition, Hitman 2 and Expansion, I will not have to buy anything else for Hitman 3, right?

It looks like it is the same thing as it was for the Legacy DLC in Hitman 2 which was free when you already own Hitman 1 complete or gold edition.


Thanks for your confirmation.


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On 2021-08-27 at 10:58 PM, Eispan said:

Also want to know about this... there's a FREE Hitman 3 Starter Pack on PSN. Will this unlock all previously owned trophies from H1 and H2 if you have completed them prior... or does this only apply to the Standard and Special Editions

The Hitman 3 Starter Pack should allow access to a dozen or more trophies in the base list  (e.g. The Result of Previous Training Complete Freeform Training in the Prologue.) along with all previously earned Hitman 1 & 2 trophies.

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