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Should I even be ATTEMPTING Secret Missions?

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I was going to try to get as many trophies as I could in this game.


But perhaps I should have taken my own advice from one of my own posts in the trophy thread


I was unable to do Secret Mission 2 and I don't understand it and Secret Mission 3 is utter BS especially considering how BS the boss is already


Should I even be attempting Secret Missions at this point?


I ended up RAGE QUITTING last night due to the Secret Mission 3 boss in general not because of the Secret Mission


I'm about ready to completely abandon this games trophies and just play it and ignore trophies in general and end with what will likely be a f-ing E grade


I'd really appreciate any help with this. Thanks.


Also I'm more shit at this game than I was during in Berseria and Zestiria. I keep getting hit and interrupted during my artes (even during random battles) and I don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong. Yes I'm guarding.


I'm also running out of TP too quickly

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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition has an island you'll unlock very very late in the game with an NPC that allows you to replay boss missions, so you can earn the secret mission trophies whenever you want (even in post-game). You can even do NG+ too if you want with GRADE bonuses to beef up your characters massively. 


Note that if you're going to do wait until you unlock the island/do the secret missions later you'll need to collect a key item, Mothers Memento, for Secret Mission 17 which is obtained by sleeping at the inn in Mantaic after leaving to go to the Sands of Kogorh for the first time, but the Mother Memento must be obtained before heading to Myorzo for the first time or else you'll be unable to complete Secret Mission 17 (even if you leave it until way late in the game).


In the original game you had to complete all the Secret Missions in 1 playthrough to unlock one of Yuri's titles, but in the Definitive Edition you can use the free DLC to automatically unlock the particular title for you. Of course if you have no intention on going for the "Collect all Titles" trophy then this doesn't matter haha. 


As for Secret Mission 3, yes that seems to be a hard one especially on a first playthrough. That boss also is a weird difficulty spike for most players. Don't worry though, you'll be able to go back and easily get that trophy later in the game without any issues. When I did that mission in the original Xbox game (no replay bosses there!) I had to turn the difficulty to "easy" to save my sanity on this boss/secret mission. Mostly what I would do is beat the boss "normally" then re-load and get turn the difficulty down and get the secret mission. Again though with the definitive edition you can safely skip this secret mission all together, focus on the boss, then move on and come back to it much later when you're 100x stronger than the boss.


For Secret Mission 2, the boss will sometimes do his "X Buster" attack and stand on his legs. During that time, you have to run behind him and smack on his back leg until the guard breaks (it has a "shattering" sound like glass breaking). Then hit that same spot 1 more time after his guard breaks to knock him down on his legs. I found it easiest to "free roam" behind him to get in position then return back to the standard camera view to smack  his leg and let the game keep me behind his leg. 


Oh yeah and as for combat it's a bit different than Beseria or Zesteria. It'll just take time to get used to, but you can do it. This game relies on a "skill" system with weapons which will beef up your characters/abilities during the game. The beginning can be a little rough because you don't have the skills you need, but by the end of the game you'll be spamming artes and stun-locking enemies like it's nothing. 


As a final note (I don't recommend it because it breaks the game), but if you're REALLY struggling with the combat you CAN choose to use the free DLC that gives your characters like 40 levels or so instantly. Again I don't recommend it but if you're not having fun but still want to finish the game, that's always an option.

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If you're going to plat the game, then you can do most of the secret missions later. Mission 17 is missable, I think. Knowing you like to get close to A rank before leaving the game might be slightly challenging for you to do in this game. There's a LOT of missables, and you have to meticulously follow a guide or two. I would use the dlc's and just enjoy the game.


I was rubbish in the beginning too, but like the previous poster wrote, a lot of skills unlock when you play more of the game.

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Alright I'll try to just ignore the Secret Missions until I get that island thing or whatever. Because this game is frustrating me more than endgame main game Zestiria and endgame Zestiria Alisha DLC did right now.


Also yeah I have all of the DLC/add ons/whatever because they were free for me. I don't know if that's because I have PS+ right now (it was gifted to me by a friend) or not but I've been reluctant to use them because I feel like they are borderline 'cheats'


The only ones I've used those far are for the titles, the customize stuff, some items, and one of the 300k Gald ones. I was going to save the level ones for endgame. Well... I'm trying to save them until endgame. This god damn Secret Mission 3 boss though...


Also Tales of are ridiculous when it comes to trophies and I don't Plat them because most require multiple playthroughs and I tend to only do one and not play in post-game. I got away with playing in post-game in the two Ni No Kuni games but I'm not taking the chance with a much more difficulty franchise like Tales of. So it's not something I intend on doing at all.


I'd probably be happy with a C but with the way I feel right now I could care less about the trophy grade and care more about being less shit at this game

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I was to the part where you can re-fight previous bosses so I decided to use up the rest of my free add-on items. Particularly... the level up ones. My party ended up in the 100's. No I'm not joking.


I broke the game. Extremely. ?


It took some persistence (which I have plenty of if it wasn't obvious already) but I managed to get all of the previous Secret Mission trophies I was unable to get the first time around. Most of them anyway. Or at least the ones that I thought I could get. I even got some other trophies I didn't think I'd get honestly.




Thanks for the help everyone. It has been greatly appreciated. You really have no idea lol. Stay tuned for when I post all of these trophies in the trophy threads lol



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