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Wooden Sword trophy not popping?


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I’ve played through the first 2 levels twice now, as 2 different heroes, easily killing way over 50 mobs but the trophy hasn’t popped. The trophies for completing the levels have but this one won’t. I see it has a high 90% achievement rate on here, and nobody else seems to have ever had this issue that I can tell. Any ideas and advice as to what I can do to fix this? Thanks. 

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That's weird, it should technically have popped after you finished Squid Coast. Are you playing co-op? If so, I think trophies are a little glitchy if you meet their requirements playing with a partner. If that's not the case, you could try deleting your profile data and starting the game up again.

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Just to follow up on this, went back to this game today and popped this playing solo. My son still does not have this trophy and has only played coop, including another 5-6 levels today. I haven’t done any testing to confirm this theory, but I’m thinking doesn’t pop coop, only solo.

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6 hours ago, Harry_1406 said:

I’ve got this issue too, completed 3 levels so far and this trophy hasn’t popped. Must be a glitch, any idea how to get the trophy?

Kills are glitched, only pet kills are counting. Hopefully we’ll get a patch soon to fix.

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